The White Center 5K Walk & Run was founded in Fall 2012.  The creation of the 5K Walk and Run is based on four main objectives: 
1) To promote the positive and diverse culture that thrives in White Center
2) Help to Promote local White Center businesses
3) Promote a healthy lifestyle in the White Center Community
4) Unify the White Center community 
In conjunction with these objectives we hope to raise money for two long time organizations devoted to empowering the White Center community.  
White Center Community Development Association
The mission of the White Center Community Development Association (White Center CDA) is to promote a vibrant neighborhood and high quality of life for White Center residents and stakeholders through the development of authentic leadership opportunities, and community-led, neighborhood initiatives.  We acccomplish this through our three lines of business: neighborhood revitalization, family development, and community building.  Visit us at http://wccda.org/home to learn more.
YES Foundation of White Center
The YES foundation of White Center exists to address the social, economic, educational, physical, and spiritual needs of youth in the White Center area. By developing programs and partnering with other organizations, we provide kids with positive role models and powerful life experiences to encourage their hope and vision for the future.  Visit us at http://www.yfwc.org/ to learn more.
White Center Food Bank
The White Center Food Bank (WCFB) began in the mid-1970’s as an emergency response to assist struggling families and individuals in the greater White Center and Highline areas during a major economic downturn. The Mission of the White Center Food Bank is to minimize hunger, while nourishing community, nurturing self-reliance and embracing our rich cultural diversity. http://www.whitecenterfoodbank.org/ 

Planning Committee Members

Linda Ba
Lam Ha Dang
Sokha Danh
Mikel Davila
Rick Jump
Mariah Maib
Tiffany Mowatt
Julie Ngo
Marquise Roberson-Bester
Sili Savusa
Joseph Seia
Kilia Shanklin
Roxanne Slattery
Pat Thompson
Tony Vo
contact us at: whitecenter5k@gmail.com

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